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Providing Support to Farmers

In Uganda, agriculture employs approximately 80% of the rural population and accounts for around 23% of the local GDP [as per World Bank data]. Many smallholder farmers operate on land often as small as 0.5 to 1 hectare and are restricted to subsistence farming. The fertilizer use rate lies between 1 to 3 kg / ha per year compared to up to 150 kg / ha in Asia and the achieved yield rates are very far below world average [as per World Bank data]. In addition, smallholder farmers are often logistically disconnected from market access and do not have sufficient manpower to organize distribution in addition to their activities on the field.

Grainpulse together with the engagement of the K+S Group aims to increase yields in the country through quality and needs-based agro-inputs and agronomic advisory and to provide market access to smallholder farmers to achieve transparent market prices. We work together with different farmer groups and other stakeholders to support value creation along the whole value chain.

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New Farming “Ecosystem” in Uganda Empowers Women Smallholders

IFC, with support from the Private Sector Window of GAFSP, has committed $11 million in loans to Grainpulse to support the company’s expansion and strengthen its farmer supply chain. The investment, alongside advisory services—also supported by GAFSP—is expected to boost the company’s reach to an estimated 200,000 smallholders like Nansasi by 2023, up from approximately 20,000—increasing food production and economic growth throughout Uganda. It’s also helping Grainpulse expand to become a “one stop- shop” for farmers, providing them with multiple services, including fertilizer blending, that is optimized to popular local crops like those on Nansasi’s farm.

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GRAINPULSE – Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) project (Fertilizer Blends for Ugandan Crops – FEBUCS)

Grainpulse Ltd. is producing crop specific NPK fertilizer blends for maize, bean/soybeans, coffee, banana, tomato, sorghum, barley, rice & finger millet, Irish potato, cassava & sweet potato, sunflower. Grainpulse is scaling up production as market adoption is increased through on-farm demonstrations supported by Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. Demonstrations were set up in fourteen districts namely: Buikwe, Iganga, Masaka, Mpigi, Mubende, Mityana, Kiboga located in Lake Victoria Crescent; Kamwenge, Ibanda, Kiryandongo, Masindi, Hoima located in Western Mid-altitude Farmlands and Ntungamo, Kasese located in Western Medium High Farmlands.

The purpose of the demos are : a) to demonstrate and popularize fertilizer use, b) evaluate the agronomic and economic benefits of newly developed fertilizer blends, c) train farmers and other stakeholders on the use of FOT to optimize profits from use of blended fertilizers. This will result in increased awareness by farmers and other stakeholders of the potential of fertilizers to increase crop yield, hence the demand for fertilizers will increase which will drive increased efficiency in supply

To learn more about the AGRA project that was implemented by Grainpulse in 14 districts in Uganda in 2018 click on link below:

Success Stories

Mr. Kisimbira Wilberforce Buwembo, Buwaga parish, Rweru village.

Mr. Kisimbira Bananas’ Fetch More Money at the Market.

Kisimbira has a 5-acre banana plantation that was first established in 2004. In 2007, Kisimbira began using manure to improve soil fertility in a bid to boost his banana yields. However, due to manure scarcity and bulkiness Kisimbira sought to find an alternative source of nutrients. His banana bunches were small and would fetch a low market price per bunch.

Bazimaziki Peter, Kisoro District, Nyarusiza Sub county, Gitendere parish in Bitongo village

Successful Barley Farmer Story: More Yields Than Ever Witnessed Before in Kisoro.

Proper nutrition and crop management of the barley crop is crucial to optimize yields. Therefore, the main goal of the Grainpulse-Uganda Breweries initiative was to train and equip farmers with crop agronomy knowledge, in addition to supplying them with certified barley seed and offering a market for their harvest.

Edward Kizito, Makota village in Kisimba parish

How I Improved Beans Yield from 5 to 13 bags per Acre and Rehabilitated My Coffee Plantation

For the past few years, Edward had been applying foliar fertilizers to his crops to boost his yields, but the results have been dismal. The highest yield he ever obtained after using foliar fertilizers was five 100kgs bags of beans per acre. This insufficient level of earnings meant there was not enough for him to support all his household needs and investment plans.

Growing Resilient Farmers in Uganda

Smallholder farming is a central part of life for many households in Sub-Saharan African countries like Uganda. Globally, smallholder farmers who almost entirely depend on rain-fed agriculture especially in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa have been among the most adversely affected by climate change.

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