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Bananas' Success Stories

Kisimbira Wilberforce Buwembo is a man dedicated to his land and passion as a commercial banana grower in Buwaga parish, Rweru village. Today he is beaming with pride as he expounds on his future ambition to install solar powered irrigation systems on all his farms. It was not always like this as banana farming was not as lucrative for him in the past. Things changed for the better back in 2018.

Mr. Kisimbira Bananas’ Fetch More Money at the Market

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Mr. Kisimbira appreciating the size of his bunches after application of Grainpulse Banana-Specific Fertilizer Blend.


Kisimbira has a 5-acre banana plantation that was first established in 2004. In 2007, Kisimbira began using manure to improve soil fertility in a bid to boost his banana yields. However, due to manure scarcity and bulkiness Kisimbira sought to find an alternative source of nutrients. His banana bunches were small and would fetch a low market price per bunch. In early 2018, Kisimbira heard about Grainpulse Banana Fertilizer from other farmers and he decided to purchase a bag and test on a small portion of his plantation to assess its performance. Several months later, he noticed a significant change in the banana plantation.

Kisimbira testified that his banana bunches increased in size with noticeably bigger fingers and better taste. Now the demand for his bananas is very high and on average he fetches a higher price per bunch, . Feeling encouraged by the positive results after using the Banana Fertilizer Blend from Grainpulse, Kisimbira expanded the use to cover his entire 5-acre banana plantation.

Even more encouraging he noticed that his banana suckers in the field are now growing more vigorous and look healthier and this means he can harvest more bananas for longer in future.

After reinvesting some of his income on his banana farm, Kisimbira utilized the remaining income to purchase 3 more acres of land, process the title deed and expanded his piggery project. Indeed, banana growing has become very beneficial for Kisimbira.