Coffee, Grain, Nutrition & Agroinputs
Grainpulse offers collection, storage, processing & loading services


COFFEE | Coffee Exports

Grainpulse offers collection, storage, processing & loading of coffee for export. Grainpulse coffee experience started in 2002 previously under the name of Savannah Commodities Company Limited that is the shareholder of Grainpulse Limited. The company began with a single produce milling plant capable of processing 13,800 metric tons of green coffee annually, and eight years later, installed a second produce milling plant with a capacity of 23,000 metric tons a year.

GRAIN | Grain Processing & Storage

Grainpulse offers collection, storage, processing of grains. Grainpulse has expanded its operation by building a new Grain Handling & Trading Plant (GHTP) in Mukono, which operates as a grain division within the company. This enhances trading of different products to local & regional clients such as food relief agencies, regional breweries, livestock farmers, millers, hospitals, schools and governments: Maize - Barley - Maize Flour - Cassava Flour - Sorghum

State of the art Grain Handling & Trading Plant (GHTP)

  1. 9 silos with storage capacity of 20,000 metric tons
  2. Processing capacity: 90 tons per hour
  3. Value addition in form of a maize mill/fortification line
  4. Ongoing plan for animal feed mill with pelletizer

NUTRITION | Grain Milling & Animal Feed Milling

Grainpulse has identified opportunities to leverage its know-how and understanding of the agribusiness sector to grow into the value addition sub-sector. Grainpulse offers maize milling & food fortification facilities and animal feed processing. Grainpulse is part of an agribusiness value chain from farm to table.